Fabrics and textile trimmings for shoes, handbags and fashion accessories.
Fabrics, braids, cords, wovens fabrics, crochet, bands, ribbons, laces.

We put in the hands of fashion creators and designers a vast world of possibilities in a great range of textile materials: natural fibers (linen, jute, raffia...), and sometimes combining synthetic fibers (satin, lurex...) looking for a surprising final effect, special embroidery finishes, crystals, metallic effects.

Fashion and accessory brands and their designers are able to free their creativity and conceive very special pieces for the world of shoes, leather goods and fashion.
We custom develop textile products. If you do not find what you are looking for among our offer, please contact us as we can manufacture it for you. Our curious and experimental character and the possibilities given by the fact that we are manufacturers make that the possibilities that we offer are endless and it allows us to offer a completely custom service to our customers. We work hand in hand with almost all the great designers as well as with the brands producing fashion for mass consumption because we are capable of adapting ourselves to the requirements and needs of each of them.